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As the whispers of winter begin to rustle through Red Deer, the time is ripe to ready your garden for the colder days ahead. The serene sleep of your garden is deceptive; beneath the soil, life quietly readies itself for the spring resurgence. “All in One Landscaping” stands at the ready to ensure that your garden’s dormancy is a period of restorative rest, not neglect.

Secure the Soil’s Bounty

Our first step is to safeguard against erosion and nutrient loss. By planting robust cover crops, we protect the soil, giving it strength to support your garden when the snow melts away.

Clean and Clear for New Beginnings

Leftover summer growth can be a haven for pests and disease. Our detailed cleanup removes these potential threats, transforming yesterday’s blooms into tomorrow’s nourishment by enriching the soil.

Weeding Out the Winter Woes

Summer’s relentless weeds are thoroughly removed, ensuring that come spring, your garden is free from unwelcome guests and ready for new growth.

Enrich the Earth

Fall is the perfect time for us to enrich your soil with organic amendments. We integrate manure, bone meal, and compost, letting the winter months do the work of blending these nutrients seamlessly into your garden bed.

Water Wisely

Hydration before hibernation is key. We water your perennials and shrubs, preparing them for a dry winter, ensuring they awaken hydrated and healthy.

Guardians of the Green

Young trees and shrubs are vulnerable to winter’s bite. We wrap and shield them, giving them the best chance to flourish once the frost recedes.

Tending to Tools and Treasures

Your garden’s tools and accessories are cleaned, stored, and secured, ready for the spring’s call to action.

Mulch Magic

A layer of mulch does wonders for maintaining an even keel in the soil temperature, keeping your perennials protected and positioned for a springtime spectacle.

Pest-Free Promise

In collaboration with pest control experts, we assess and address any concerns, ensuring that your garden is not only winter-proof but also pest-proof.

As the landscape hushes under a blanket of snow, rest assured that “All in One Landscaping” has prepared your garden for a restful winter and a resplendent spring. Connect with us at (403) 396-1277 and entrust your garden to the winter-wise hands of professional landscapers.

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